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Who are the Artists of the Barkly?

The Artists of Barkly collective represents over fifty artists living in five remote communities from across the Barkly region: Tennant Creek, Wutunugurra (Epenarra), Owairtilla (Canteen Creek), Kulumindini (Elliott), and Mungkarta (McLaren Creek). Whilst sharing a remote, rugged landscape and an interest in Country, modern history and life in the Barkly, the artists from each community exhibit a distinctive style, producing a vast breadth in the variety of work made across the collective, demonstrating the profound influence of the art centre setting.

As a signatory to the Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct Barkly Regional Arts is committed to ethical and transparent business dealings with Indigenous visual artists. On the sale of a work 60% of the purchase price goes to the artist while the remaining 40% is retained by Barkly Regional Arts and contributes to the operational costs of our studios.

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