Barkly Artist's Camp 2022

At the end of June 2022, Barkly Regional Arts hosted Barkly Artist's Camp. Bringing together artists from from Epenarra, Canteen Creek, Elliott, Tennant Creek, Ampilatwatja and Ali Currung, the artists had the opportunity to work with ceramist, Claire Freer and costumers Varsha Rose and Caroline Lieber. The camp culminated in an exhibition which brought together works by the Artists of the Barkly, the Artists of Ampilatwatja, the Tennant Creek Brio and Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre. Curated and hung by Canteen Creek artists, Fiona Corbett and Lorna Corbett along with Barkly Regional Arts' Artistic Director, Katie Lynch, Art on Country, works from the Barkly brought together works by artists living on Country across the Barkly region. Representing six communities and 13 language groups, the exhibition celebrated art in the Barkly as a vessel for joy; a celebration of Country and culture, a means creative experimentation and an aid to economic advancement.

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