Five reasons to gift art this Christmas

It is that time of year again, Christmas is almost upon us.

‘Tis the season to begin frantically Googling “gift ideas.” 

Before rushing out and buying an inflatable pink flamingo for the pool or a pasta maker that will spend its life collecting dust, consider a gift that will bring joy for many years to come.

Consider gifting art.

Buying contemporary art supports contemporary artists.

At the risk of stating the obvious, artists rely on income from the work they sell. In light of the pandemic there has been a strong push to “shop small,” thus supporting small business owners who have done it particularly tough. Like small businesses, artists have done it tough over the past two years. Indeed, the business practice of many artists, particularly emerging artists, is reflective of that of a small business. By purchasing an artwork, you are putting money into the pocket of an artist and therefore supporting their practice and their livelihood. This is particularly important for many of the Artists of the Barkly, for who art making is their soul source of independent income. Therefore, in choosing to support an artist whose work you love you’re likely having a real impact on their life and career.  

The notion that art is too expensive for most people is false! Artists sell their work at many different price points, and there is a good chance there is something accessible to you.

Some art is indeed unattainably expensive. However, this is by no means the case for all art, or even most art. The value of an artist’s work generally increases with the more they sell and the more recognition they gain, therefore if you have a smaller budget or want to support an artist as their career develops buying art from emerging artists is a great option. Regardless of the size of your budget, there is a good chance you’ll find something suitable for you! The Artists of Barkly collective sell work by price point on our online store, meaning you can shop for works that are $200 and under or $1000 and over depending on your budget. 

An artwork is an incredibly precious and thoughtful gift.

At Christmas time when you’re buying multiple gifts for multiple people, it can be challenging to think of something original for everyone. Consequently, it is not unusual that the gift exchange process involves people receiving presents that they don’t like, don’t want or won’t use. You can try to avoid this by gifting thoughtfully, really considering what the other person might enjoy; and who doesn’t enjoy walls filled to the brim with beautiful artworks? Of course selecting an an artwork can be deeply personal, if you’re unsure of the works your loved one might like the gift can become an experience and you can select a work together, or you can purchase a gift card allowing your loved one to choose a work for themselves.

Buying art is a sustainable choice.

Christmas is a time of mass consumption; it always has been really. Historically this meant the consumption of food and drink, today it means the consumption of food, drink and things. As much as the holiday is about family, friends and celebrating the year past – it is hard to deny the commercial sector’s exploitation of Christmas. In purchasing an artwork you’re buying something unique, something your loved one will keep for a long time and in the process you’re combating over-consumption by shopping thoughtfully. Gifting art is therefore a means of pushing back against the mass-consumerism of Christmas.

Art holds unparalleled sentimental value.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, in a world where everyone has lots of stuff, one’s art collection is incredibly precious. Regardless of its monetary value, an art collection adds colour, vibrance and beauty to one’s home and one’s life. It is something one takes with them from place to place and will keep as they grow old. Whether they have begun their collection or are yet to start, in purchasing an artwork for your loved one this Christmas you’re not just giving them an object, but something that will hold significant sentimental value. It may kick off their art collecting journey, or even your own. With the gift of art, you can brighten the Christmas, the home and the lives of your loved ones.

So gift art this Christmas. It’s a win-win-win. Shop now.

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