The Artists of the Barkly shine at Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair

Pammy Foster, Julie Beasley and Susie Peterson in the Barkly Regional Arts booth at DAAF


In early August, Epenarra artists Julie Beasley, Pammy Foster, and Susie Peterson travelled to Darwin to represent the Artists of the Barkly collective at Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair. The Barkly Regional Arts booth showcased a diverse collection of works from forty artists, online and onsite at the Darwin Convention Centre. DAAF is an annual event that showcases the contemporary works of more than 70 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Centres from across the nation. The Artists of the Barkly brought an explosion of colour to the art fair while the singular visual language of many members of the collective stood out as unique in the landscape of Indigenous art.


Julie and Susie bumping in our DAAF booth


Barkly Regional Arts made record sales at DAAF with collectors visiting from all over Australia. A big weekend of sales is great news for artists; income generated from art sales goes directly into artist's pockets and supports the continued operation of Barkly Regional Arts supported art studios in Tennant Creek, Epenarra, Canteen Creek, and Elliott.


Julie Beasley with her work at the Salon des Refusés

DAAF also offers an opportunity to build artist profiles, both at the fair and at other Darwin Festival Events. Julie Beasley, Rita Beasley and Susie Peterson saw their works exhibited at the Salon des Refusés, an annual exhibition exhibition of works submitted but not shortlisted for the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSIAA). 


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