Collection: Sharon Nungarrayi Bill

The work of Kulumindini Artist Sharon Bill reflects her interest in the cultural practices of the Mudburra people and her commitment to keeping culture strong within a contemporary context. Using striking colour and repetitive shape Sharon creates abstract depictions of bush food and medicine. Sharon’s early works depict whistle duck (dendocygnus). Notable for their large twiggy nests and bright white eggs, whistle ducks are a common bird located in the large waterholes of the Barkly Region. Sharon’s use of the whistle duck as inspiration is a reflection of her broader interest in the water animals living in the areas occupying Elliott, particularly Lake Wood, which remains an important site for the artist. As a child, Sharon recalls her and her sister freeing two turtles into Lake Wood which has since become an active turtle habitat and a popular fishing site. Alongside whistle duck, other wetland creatures occupy Sharon’s work, including freshwater mussel (dangila) and turtles, both popular bush tucker and common motifs in the work of the Kulumindini artists.
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  • River Landscape, 91x91cm
    Sharon Bill
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