Kulumindini Artists


Colours of the Desert, Mary James
Despite sharing an arts centre, the Elliott based Kulumindini Artists each maintain a singular visual language that speaks to their individual experience before they painted as a collective. The strong, defined line and measured dot work that characterises their work, evokes a legacy of print making and textiles that once dominated this community. This contrasts with the apparently haphazard approach seen in other Barkly Artists. The Kulumindini Artists are further defined by their subject matter which often relates to the environment, in particular the effect of the changing seasons.
'Dangalia,' Sharon Bill
The group is notable for its breadth of variety. Mary James is well known for her singular colour instincts and vibrant aerial depictions of the landscape surrounding Elliott and beyond. Sharon Bill is recognised for depictions of whistle duck, bush tucker and bush flowers in bold pastels. Her passion for painting bush potato and dagaila (freshwater mussel), reflects her love of the food that grows near Elliott has continued throughout her career. Meanwhile, Elaine Sandy’s experimental approach reflects a career spent working in multiple mediums.
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